At the start of July Mini Productions went out to Budapest as part of the judging panel for the Reel Film Challenge.

Mini and AOAD joined as partners along with 4Talent (Channel4), BFI Future Film Festival, Raindance, Kodak, MOFILM & TMFF for fresh and unique festival for filmmakers.

We were blown away not only by the quality of film that we saw but by how each and everyone who took part embraced the adventurous side of the challenge. We found that especially in light of Brexit it was both important and poignant to be a part of this experience and follow the journey’s of filmmakers as they made their way from the UK through Europe to their final destination of Budapest.

Check out what The Reel Challenge 2016 looked liked here.

What is The Reel Challenge?

Reel is an exciting new event for aspiring filmmakers. You’ll travel from London to Budapest while planning, shooting and editing your own short film en-route. It’s a chance for brave, bold filmmakers to break out of their daily routines and get inspired by the world that’s out there. We give you the freedom to make amazing films, with the support to help you make the most of the opportunity. Whether you do the trip by yourself or in a team, you’ll be joining an amazing community of likeminded creatives that crave adventure and the opportunity to do something unique.

More about The Reel Challenge here.