7 mins

Directed by Nat Luurtsema

Written by Nat Luurtsema

Starring; Cherrelle Skeete, Sara Huxley

On a sunny afternoon, two old school friends, Jeanie and Esta, take a nostalgic trip to the junkyard where they used to drink as wayward teens. But this place is now tainted by tragedy, and Jeanie makes a horrific discovery when she raises her phone to take a photo.

“Ouzo and Blackcurrant is scary, stylish and stunning, it’s very well shot and plays things fairly restrained and simple to let the horror speak for itself.”Film Carnage

“With a smart use of tech and some beautiful photography Nat Luurtsema conjures up two massive scares that sent us scurrying to the kitchen to make some nerves steadying tea before…” – Live For Film

“For a story which was effectively two people in a single place, my visual attention was always kept. The performances were natural, which, coupled with the setting made the scares work as they slowly crept in. Kudos also has to go for the inventive use of the characters using their phones as a means of telegraphing the spectres presence. You’ll look twice through the viewfinder next time you take a selfie.” – London Horror Comic

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