19 mins

Directed by Marnie Baxter

Written by April Kelley

Starring; Taj Atwal, Sara Huxley, Adelle Leoncé, Tilly Keeper, April Kelley

In collaboration with Bipolar UK and the Film and TV Charity

Awarded the Raising Films Ribbon

Maintaining friendships in your twenties is tricky. Juggling careers, romance, and the dread of turning 30. Meet Lex, Gracie, Beca, Kat, and Joy. We all know them, as we all are them. Reuniting tonight to pay tribute to a friend, tensions quickly rise as tipsy turns to drunk and grief takes hold of those left behind. Do This for Me is a story about friendship, reminding us that everything else can wait when someone you love needs you.

Teaming up with Dylan Holloway we’re producing an original soundtrack to sit alongside the film. Artists include shiv, Dreamgirls’ star Nicole Raquel Dennis, RENT star Lyndie Moe and Rozzi who performs the title song Afterglow.

“Do This For Me flies through its 19 minutes that you are disappointed to leave this group. Such is the talent on show in front and behind the camera that you could spend far longer with them. As said and what will probably continue to be said, this is a magnificent film, but goodness does April Kelley’s script know how to wreck you along the way. A fantastic way to spend 19 minutes.”Upcoming on Screen

“Do This For Me is a touching story of female friendship and mental health. Marnie Baxter and April Kelley both display a deft hand at bringing a relatable, modern, and subtle style to the film. The casting is excellent, they all give strong performances and do a brilliant job of representing women with different personalities and the individual ways that they relate to one another. It’s well written, directed, acted, and creates an intensely sympathetic and moving portrayal of loss and friendship.”Film Carnage

“Although not the focus of the film, I got a lot about it being a group of friends, who were growing apart, but also losing people you love in your life. It was subtle but I still respected it. This was similar to the queer representation, with bisexual and lesbian representation being seen throughout but not being the main focus.”Lezflick

“Truly incredible in every way. There’s more genuine love, warmth, hurt, anger, and longing in this short film than most feature films could hope to recreate. It handles its subject matter perfectly, never too morose, and never manipulative. Moments of hope for the future bring a lightness in a very dark place. Everything and everyone feel so incredibly real. A beautiful experience.”London Lift-Off

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