15 mins

Directed by Christian Cooke

Written by Ray Robinson

Starring; Peter Mullan, Michelle Fairley, Sai Bennett, Elliot Tittensor

Set with the backdrop of the stunning Northumberland, this BAFTA and BIFA long-listed, award-winning short film explores the heartbreaking inevitability that is older age.

“I can only commend all involved with Edith for making a truly moving short film that is indisputably one of the best short films we’ve ever encountered on this website”The Film Magazine

“This cinematic work of art on many levels is a must-see for every lovers of short films.”Yellow Bread Magazine

“Tender, sad, affecting; this is a movie to be watched over and over again to uncover its layers of subtlety and nuances, and the tension between love and inevitably loss.”About-Blank

“With gentle the help of a friend, he starts to come back to life. It’s a study of grief, but isn’t depressing or mawkish, which is nice. And it’s beautifully executed.”Wild Fire

“Pulling no punches in delivering its raw, compelling, and impactful narrative to viewers.”One Film Fan

“This is a fantastic short and don’t fret that it’s all doom and gloom, there’s a positive message to be found amongst the sadness.”Film Carnage

“Edith features a stunning cascade of sharply-directed visuals, which eloquently tie the past with the present, while subtly hinting at their irreparable bond.”Eclectic Pop

“Striking an optimistic endnote, achieving a remarkable amount within just a 15-minute runtime, this is a subtly underplayed composition and all the more powerful for it.”Tony’s Folioe

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