Introducing - Bad Mother

"An excellently unsettling directorial debut" – Mark Kermode

Based on the true story of a mother at the end of her tether who finds understanding and solace from a stranger on the beach. But is she right to trust this woman, another mother, with the care of her children? Bad Mother explores the struggles of motherhood, questioning our relationship with strangers in this modern world, and how we judge each other as mums.

Bad Mother is the writer-director debut for Marnie Baxter and Nicola Stuart-Hill. Both women have over 20 years of experience in the industry as actors spanning film, television, and theatre.

Executive producer, John Cairns is the founder and CEO of Parkland Pictures. John started his film career in 1982 and since then he’s produced films such as L’ Amour Caché (Isabelle Huppert, Melanie Laurent), The Tender Hook (Hugo Weaving, Rose Byrne), and All At Sea (Brian Cox, Lauren Bacall, James Fox).

Also attached as executive producer is the formidable, Linda Marlowe, who worked with Steven Berkoff for over twenty-five years as his leading lady in most of his plays, touring internationally and in London’s West End. Her association with him gave rise to her first solo show, Berkoff’s Women, directed by Josie Lawrence.

Mini went on to work with Marnie Baxter (featured in the photo) again on Do This for Me.