What a privilege to have Treacle be a part of this year’s Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival! HRFF is one of the longest-running and most respected queer film festivals in the country, celebrating its 31st anniversary in 2020. It is especially well known as a bridge from Hawaii, the Pacific Islands and Asia to mainland USA, and is a member of the Asia Pacific Queer Film Festival Alliance.

The festival runs from 31st July – 12th August 2020 and uses the power of film to raise awareness, engage, energize, and instill a sense of pride and respect in HawaiiĘ»is thriving lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender and mahu community.

Treacle is a film that proudly waves the bisexual flag. Written by Mini’s very own April Kelley, directed by award-winning Rosie Westhoff and in collaboration with the Bisexual Resource Centre Treacle has screened at over 60 festivals worldwide.

Check out the festival here.

Watch the Treacle trailer here.

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