We are thrilled, overwhelmed, and immensely proud to announce that Rose: A Love Story has been nominated for the BIFA Raindance Discovery Award!

Since 1992, the Raindance Film Festival tagline has been “Discover. Be discovered.” This Raindance mantra inspired Elliot Grove and Suzanne Ballantyne of Raindance to launch BIFA in 1998 to celebrate emerging British talent. This category stands up for the underdogs, the outsiders, the rebels, the dreamers, and the poets. We look for films that ask all the hard questions, challenge every convention, and defy all authority. We want to give momentum to everyone who believes that a movie can propel a revolution.

This award showcases innovation, uniqueness of vision, and maverick filmmaking in films with budgets under £500,000. This is a nomination for the entire team who brought Rose: A Love Story to life and we couldn’t be prouder of everyone.

We’d also like to acknowledge the other awards that we were long-listed for:
Best British Independent Film
Best Debut Screenwriter for Matt Stokoe
Best Debut Director for Jennifer Sheridan
Best Make-Up and Hair Design for Frances Darvell White

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