Coming soon… feature-length documentary in co-production with eOne.

Transpose follows Dylan Holloway’s medical and social transition; watching him become the man he’s always been inside, for one year …and counting.

In a never before seen way, we are invited to see up close and intimately the changes a transgender person may experience during a medical transition. From the highs of gender euphoria to the challenging lows of self-doubt, vulnerability, and the potential risk of backlash from a society who are still somewhat uneducated and unaware of what it means to be transgender.

Having carved out a successful career as ‘Lots’ Holloway (his previous name and artist’s alias), will Dylan Holloway be accepted by his fans who fell in love with his music in the same way.

In this one-hour-long documentary, we also speak to Dylan’s family and friends, the medical professionals who diagnosed and supported him through his transition, the transgender charity Mermaids, and other transfolk to better understand the lives of the people in the transgender community.


After coming out as a transgender man and changing his name in 2020, singer/songwriter/producer Dylan Holloway embarks upon a medical transition journey in an effort to live authentically in a body he can understand.

However, taking testosterone (under HRT; hormone replacement therapy) will create permanent and irreversible changes to the voice, and in Dylan’s case, a voice which has not only built his career in the music industry, but more importantly, in his words, ‘saved his life’.

With little to no research on how testosterone will impact the singing voice, Dylan has to make a tough decision between existing in a life where he feels trapped or risking the one thing that has ever brought stability and comfort to his life – the documentary starts before the decision is made with one clear question, will the story be one of heartbreak or… hope?

Behind The Scenes