The Beginning of The End





End of the Line Theatre present their new play The Beginning of The End in association with Mini Productions.

Performed at Theatre16, Balham on Monday 22nd to Friday 26th August 2016

“I’m a bit nervous about tonight. I’m going out with the girls. I haven’t been out in ages”

After their acclaimed, five star, sell-out production of ‘The Words I Should Have Said to Phoebe Lewis’, End of the Line Theatre are brought their newest play to Theatre16 after a development show at Hull Truck.

“They gave me a couple of choices… They’ll put me on a waiting list to see someone, or there are these pills that I can take, just when I feel down.”

★★★★ “Relatable, well-acted and wildly entertaining, let’s hope this is the beginning for this 70-minute production’s future and not the end. Never mind “and a packet of crisps”, we’d sincerely like to request “and another run, please”. - Views From the Gods


‘The Beginning of the End’ is a two-hander comedy, set on the streets of Kingston-Upon-Thames amongst it’s hectic nightlife scene. The story follows Ed played by James Craze and Chloe played by Sara Huxley, two ordinary youths on a typical a night out. As the play unfolds we delves into their past relationship and it’s past troubles, giving the audience an insight into modern day youth culture, love and relationships.

Going out, happy pills, clothes, drugs, alcohol, Fifa16, Tinder, cheesy chips, social media posts and Beyoncé are just a few of the ways Ed and Chloe try to soothe their heart break. English has a real talent at keeping the audience on the edge of laughter and tears and this play is no exception as the plot switches between hilarity and heartache in a matter of seconds.