A Dog Called Moose


DogSky Films and Mini Productions presents A Dog Called Moose, a heart-warming, sometimes funny and often magical film about love, loss, and the circle of life.

“For once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk with your eyes turned skyward for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” – Leonardo da Vinci

From the imaginations of the female powerhouse duo Shay Kuehlmann and Kate Roxburgh of DogSky Films, the heart of this film is the magic that happens when you open yourself up, release the past and let something new in. A simple story with a wonderful complexity of real science and magic, A Dog Called Moose provides a platform to explore a world beyond our imagination Jake’s development and growth in the story begins to happen as Ellie opens him up to the world around him during her chatty, optimistic and curious conversation.

This short that stars Anton Saunders from Luther and Doctors.



When Jake is devastated by the death of his dog ‘Moose’, he decides to go on a pilgrimage to visit their favourite place – an old oak tree in the middle of a wild field. Jake carries Moose’s favourite toy with him, a fluffy pink elephant. Jake’s journey takes him along an isolated beach. Isolated that is, until he bumps into a rather strange little girl Ellie.

Ellie is twelve years old and wearing a brown furry squirrel suit, traditionally used for base jumping. Ellie is convinced that she can upgrade the wings of the squirrel suit and teach herself how to fly. Unimpressed with being interrupted on such a poignant walk, Jake finds himself being followed by Ellie who happily chats away about the physics of flight, food and the fluffy pink elephant that she desperately wants to carry. As Jake becomes more and more frustrated at his overly chatty companion trotting behind at his heels, he tells Ellie of his recent loss in the hope that she will leave him alone. Unfortunately, Ellie decides that the only cure for Jake’s misery is companionship.

As the journey to the wild field continues, Ellie’s face mysteriously becomes more and more dirty, until her face is almost as brown as her squirrel suit. When they finally arrive at the field, Jake is adamant that Ellie must now leave and go home.  Ellie reveals that she has no real home and that she is in fact living in her grandmother’s blue barn. Ellie explains how she dislikes living in a barn that is blue because it gives her “an ominous feeling like living inside the belly of a whale or something.”

As Jake literally shoos her away Ellie suddenly snatches the pink elephant from Jake’s hand and runs. Ellie runs as fast as she can across the field. Jake runs after her but Ellie is fast. As she hops over a garden wall Ellie disappears behind some sheets blowing in the wind from a washing line. Jake walks through the sheets looking for Ellie. As Jake gets to the other side of all the sheets, he sees Ellie’s squirrel suit lying empty on the ground, and a bird soaring off into the sky. Jake’s eyes come back to the suit and a small scruffy brown dog has mysteriously appeared. It sits wagging its tail holding the pink fluffy elephant in its mouth.  The dog has a collar on. Jake approaches the dog and looks at the tag on the collar, it reads “Ellie”. Rolled up in the collar is a note that says:

“For once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk with your eyes turned skyward for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”