Love, Sex & Killing



Mini Productions presents Love, Sex & Killing a new horror with the darkest of humour which you’ll only understand if you are or have been in a long-term relationship. It’s anti-counselling for psychopaths, where looking for love means ending up dead in a film about trust, betrayal and being buried alive.

Written Raymond Friel whose previous work includes The Calcium Kid, starring Orlando Bloom (produced by Working Title Films), Botched, with Stephen Dorff (Winner of Best Film and Best Actor at the New York Horror Festival) and Moon Dogs due for release later this year. Moon Dogs won Best International First Feature at the Galway Film Festival and was also selected as one of Edinburgh Film Festival’s ‘Best Of The Fest’. Raymond was also nominated for a Scottish BAFTA for his work.

This will be the second feature film for our director, Henry Scriven whose debut feature, How To Become A Criminal Mastermind starring Joerg Stadler (Saving Private Ryan, Spy Game), picked up four festival awards including the Best Low Budget Film Award at the London Independent Film Festival and the Best Director Award at the Green Bay Film Festival despite being shot for less than £20,000.

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An exclusive couples retreat in the untamed wilds of Dartmoor welcomes you and your partner for a weekend of counselling sessions, trust games and getting to know one another again. But the retreat is an elaborate set-up, designed to make one unsuspecting half of a couple believe that they’re responsible for all of the problems in the relationship and by the end of the weekend are totally under their partner’s thumb.

Michael (30) and Hannah (30) have been married for five years and are in a rut. He can’t forgive her for cheating on him and this affects every aspect of their relationship. For Michael this weekend is their last chance but for Hannah their marriage is already over.

Stevie (30) and Joanne (30) appear very much in love. Except they don’t have sex. Ever. Stevie is the perfect husband – thoughtful, considerate and caring. Unfortunately, he is also a psychopath and is having an affair with Hannah.

Roach (40) and Cherry (40) are the relationship counsellors running the retreat – but they are not what they seem. They use the personal information acquired in the sessions with their guests to steal from them.

Hannah and Stevie plan to kill Michael during the weekend’s ultimate ‘trust game’. This is basically a more advanced version of the classic ‘fall back and rely on your partner to catch you’ exercise and involves burying the individual

alive. As a result of a series of psychological stunts played on him over the weekend, Michael falls for their scheme and agrees to be sealed in a coffin to prove he trusts his wife.

Love, Sex & Killing is anti-counselling for psychopaths, where looking for love means ending up dead in a film about trust, betrayal and being buried alive.