Killer Clown Epidemic



Killer Clown Epidemic, a Mini Productions and Jungle Creations production.

Mini Productions partnered with Jungle Creations, to create a viral video for their platform Viral Thread, in response to the recent clown epidemic sweeping the world. Viral Thread boasts a following of over 18 million on Facebook and Jungle Creations’ channels are the 6th most followed in the world.

The clown viral received over a quarter of a million views in the first 24 hours and starred the comedy duo Joseph & Stacy.

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Two clowns, Bumbles and Smudge, embark on a mission to bring love and kindness to the people of London.

Hoping to eradicate the label attached to clowns after the ‘scary clown’ epidemic, Bumbles and Smudge talk to us about the damaging effect it has had on their careers and give us back our hope in the common clown.