Ex-Students Surprise Their Old Teachers




Ex-Students Surprise Their Old Teachers, a Mini Productions, Jungle Creations and Acting On A Dream production.

Mini Productions partnered with Jungle Creations and Acting On A Dream, to create a viral video for their platform Viral Thread, exploring the impact of a teacher, student relationship. Viral Thread boasts a following of over 6 million on Facebook and Jungle Creations’ channels are the 6th most followed in the world.

The inspirational viral received over 3 million views in the first 24 hours, 10 million in 48 hours and now at over 40 million across all platforms. With over 340,000 shares and over 275,000 reactions, it really goes to show that anything is possible with the support of a teacher.



We asked a group of students which teacher had the greatest impact on their lives. We brought those teachers in to tell us why they loved their job… And then we had one more surprise.