Billy + Margot: Real Pet Food





Billy + Margot® is a range of high quality dog food, created with love, passion and expertise by renowned canine nutritionist, Marie Jones.

The bond we have with our dogs is unlike any other. We care, nurture and want to do the best for them in every way, always. As a canine nutritionist, it was my special unbreakable bond with my Labradors, Billy + Margot®, that drove me to create an array of unique recipes with delicious and carefully selected ingredients – each of them packed with protein and superfoods for maximum health and vitality. I also want every product to bring my dogs happiness… it’s the least I can do for all the joy they give me every day. – Marie Jones (Founder + Certified Nutritionist)

Mini Productions are proud to have come on board to create an entire range of content ranging from products videos, to interviews, to photography, to a brand video on the story of how Billy + Margot® grew to become award-winning company it is now.

Billy + Margot®, Marie’s Story. WATCH

Billy + Margot®, Marie’s BackstoryWATCH

Billy + Margot®, Billy’s Story. WATCH

Billy + Margot®, Superfoods. WATCH

Billy + Margot®, MargotWATCH