We’re thrilled to announce that Ouzo and Blackcurrant is a part of the wonderful Norwich Film Festival this year!

The Norwich Film Festival is a BAFTA Qualifying Short Film Festival as well as a BIFA (British Independent Film Awards) Qualifying Short Film Festival and was chosen by The Metro as one of “the top UK film festivals you need to know about”.

Written and directed by BAFTA nominee Nat Luurtsema. Set on a sunny afternoon, two old school friends, Jeanie and Esta, take a nostalgic trip to the junkyard where they used to drink as wayward teens. But this place is now tainted by tragedy, and Jeanie makes a horrific discovery when she raises her phone to take a photograph.

Learn more about the festival here.

Watch the Ouzo and Blackcurrant trailer here.

Ouzo and Blackcurrant on IMDb