It was a real honour for Just in Case to be a part of this year’s David Feminist Film Festival.

The Davis Feminist Film Festival which takes place in Davis, CA each year, is an annual grassroots event that uses alternative media as a springboard for linking art to social issues. The festival aims to showcase independent film including documentary, narrative, and experimental genres in order to explore perspectives often missing from mainstream media and culture. Now in its 16th year and increasingly international in scope, the festival provides an inclusive public space for artists at the margins – particularly those with marginalized racial and/or gender identities – to raise consciousness about gender, race, class, sexuality, and many other dimensions of social inequality.

How do you battle an invisible demon? How do you survive the war inside your own head? How do you tell your Dad you’re fighting for 30? In collaboration with Bipolar UK and the Film and TV Charity ‘Just in Case’ explores the harsh reality of what it’s really like to live with bipolar disorder.

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