We’re so excited and proud to be returning to the Academy Award® qualifying Cleveland International Film Festival, this time with Just in Case.

The festival promotes artistically and culturally significant film arts through education and exhibition to enrich the life of the community. Their vision is shaped around being a leader in helping the world discover the power of the film arts to educate, entertain, and celebrate an inclusive human experience.

How do you battle an invisible demon? How do you survive the war inside your own head? How do you tell your Dad you’re fighting for 30? ‘Just in Case’ explores the harsh reality of what it’s really like to live with bipolar disorder.

The film is in collaboration with Bipolar UK, and the Film and TV Charity – where we were the first ever company and production to use their ’tool kit’ for mentally healthy productions. They were also awarded the Raising Films Ribbon which shows support for parents in the industry.

Learn more about the festival here.

Watch the trailer for Just in Case here.

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