Introducing - Tea for Two

Time for a cuppa!

One of Mini’s first films which will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Written and directed by Mark Brennan (Meat), Tea for Two combines comedy, romance and a mystery twist.

The film has a stellar British cast comprising of Amanda Barrie (Carry On Cleo, Bad Girls, Coronation Street) and John Challis (Only Fools and Horses, Doctor Who) who star as the lead couple, supported by William Postlethwaite (The Suspicions of Mr Whicher), Abigail Parmenter (The Longest Night) and James Hamer-Morton (The Fitzroy).

The film’s Executive Producer is renowned baker Fiona Cairns who created the Royal wedding cake for Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate’s Royal.

Set in a local Hertfordshire tearoom, the film features an array of Fiona Cairns’ cakes, plus a bespoke Tea For Two cake which she created especially for the film. Running alongside the short and to support the baking theme, Fiona Cairns recorded a special promotional video in which she guides watchers through her process of baking the cake plus a behind-the-scenes interview of her journey thus far. Bake your very own Tea for Two cake here.

In an interview, Mark Brennan recalls where the idea for the film came from: “The idea came at Christmas a couple of years ago. At that time of year when families are thrust upon each other more than usual, I always found it funny how older relatives could get away with murder when it came to odd behaviour, being blunt, or just plain rude. I’d see so much forgiven immediately with a smirk and an eye roll like it couldn’t be taken seriously, simply because they’re old. That got me thinking about a couple of characters having some real intent behind what would normally be dismissed as harmless kookiness.”

As reviews came in, what soon became clear is that Tea for Two was everyone’s cup of tea:

“A slightly supernatural little rom-com that’s sure to make you feel warm, fuzzy and in need of a cuppa.” – UK Film Review

“A brilliantly executed, quirky and uniquely British short comedy with timely, subtle twists and a retro feel that will leave you wanting more.” – Battle Royale With Cheese

Tea For Two was released on National Tea Day 2017 and is now available on Amazon Prime, and Film Shortage.