Bloody hell! We’re thrilled to announce that Annie and co will be back in their home town to screen at the BAFTA qualifying, London Short Film Festival in January 2018!

Now in its 16th year, the festival has been recognised as the premiere UK showcase for cutting-edge UK independent film, while now accepting international submissions.

Renowned for daring cross-arts programming, we have showcased the very best of the country’s raw talent for 14 years. The London Short Film Festival is a Mecca for the UK’s young creative talent and a significant date in the UK film calendar.

We’re thrilled that Annie Waits, our London centric, comedy romp which tells the story of lust and disappointment, as a twenty-something waits for her adult life to begin will be a part of their next festival!

Check out the cracking festival here.

Catch the Annie Waits trailer here.

Annie Waits on IMDb