This weekend Treacle will be screening at the superb Reel Affirmations: Washington, DC’s LGBTQ Film Festival.

Founded 1991, Reel Affirmations Film Festival was ranked one of the top 3 LGBTQ film festival in the United States of America. Over the years Reel Affirmations has been a vigorous champion of ground breaking LGBTQ cinema introducing exemplary filmmakers and presenting Academy Award Winning/Nominated films!

They believe that powerful, poignant, humorous and life altering films can change lives… And we couldn’t agree more!

Treacle is the writing debut for Mini Productions’ award-winning actor and producer April Kelley and explores her own experiences as a bisexual woman. The film aims to shine a light on the lack of visibility for bisexuals who only receive 1% of LGBT funding worldwide each year. April also stars alongside the born and bred New Yorker, Ariana Anderson.

Learn more about the festival here.

Treacle trailer? Watch it here.

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