Treacle headed over to Germany recently and screened at QUEER-Streifen Regensburg.

Regensburg may be just a small city on the banks of the Danube, but it offers a surprisingly vibrant variety of film festivals including QUEER-Streifen, which is now in it’s 7th year.

Treacle is the story of two friends, Belle, and Jessiewho go on a weekend away to help Jessie get over a recent breakup. Road tripping through California, we follow them over the course of 24 hours as Belle convinces Jessie to not cancel the trip she’d originally planned to go on with her ex. Lines begin to blur between them when the always heterosexual Jessie in her drunken, post breakup loneliness kisses bisexual Belle. Treacle aims to give a voice to the ‘B’ in ‘LGBT’.

Learn more about the festival here.

Watch the trailer for Treacle here.

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