End of the Line Theatre in association with Mini Productions presents…

The Words I Should Have Said to Phoebe Lewis, a fast-paced comedy about a young writer’s journey of discovering love. After the death of his mother, Frank finds himself stuck in a world of late nights, drugs and empty relationships, until he meets Phoebe Lewis: the girl we all want to take to Pizza Hut. But he can’t quite muster the courage to talk to her because, let’s face it, she’s in the thesaurus under the word ‘perfect’ and he’s only a league two reserve.

“I know our paths won’t cross again, the big guy only offers you so many opportunities. I haven’t taken any of mine. Haven’t been brave enough. So I’ll write them in a play instead. Hopefully people will come and watch it, maybe someone will see it and put it on in a theatre somewhere and you’ll go and watch it, maybe with your mum. You’ll watch it and you’ll enjoy it: the words I should have said to you’’

Written by 2013 Spotlight Prize nominee, Jim EnglishThe Words I Should Have Said to Phoebe Lewis is part of this year’s Camden Fringe from 28th July – 2nd August at The Phoenix Artist Club.

Directed by David Zoob