Early Train Productions, in association with Mini Productions presents a post-apocalyptic drama Void.

Financial support from the crowd funding website Indiegogo, a helping hand from Hollywood actor Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean, Downton Abbey) and some hard work by London-based company TEAFilms, all combined make this improvised script come to life in just one short week of filming.

Void is not intrinsically an “end of the world” story but instead focuses more their relationship in a broken society as they try to restore some semblance of humanity.


Set in a world, where raging migration since the turn of the century has seen the population of Britain rise dramatically. Struggling to cope with a now over populated and under resourced country the government created an scientifically engineered crop designed as quick-fix to feed a nation growing short on food supplies.

It was a plan that appears to be working until people start to fall ill. The cause of is a virus which starts to spread rapidly leading to overseas governments barring travel to their countries from Britain in order to prevent a global spread of infection.

In as little as two years the bacterial virus has virtually wiped out the entire population. Survivors, many of them carriers of the virus, resort to basic animal instincts. Amid the carnage we discover Max a young man who is fighting to hold onto humanity from the fragments of his life and Jamie, a young woman seemingly far more tortured than Max.