The Prey



The Springhead Film Company made in association with Mini Productions and Crypt TV.

Award-winning The Prey stars Rebecca Van Cleave (The Royals), Sam Gittins (The Smoke, Call the Midwife) and James Alexandrou (Eastenders, Silent Witness).

The Prey is an urban horror with added bite!

“It ticks all the right boxes for a short, and is totally entertaining.”Starburst Magazine

“For anybody looking for a quick horror fix, The Prey is well worth the 7 minutes of viewing…”UK Horror Scene

“… You’ve created a hit”UK Film Review 

“The whole thing put a spell on me and kept me pulled in and entranced for the whole length of it.” - NUTS4R2

“The Prey is a truly confident, accomplished, and beautifully well-rounded short.” – Acting Hour 

Eli Roth’s Crypt TV To Debut Horror Shorts Series On Chiller Network: Comic-Con – Deadline

“The Prey is a fun little short, that gives you a bit of everything.” – Haddonfield Horror

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After an argument with her boyfriend whilst driving back from a party, our protagonist Mel ends up alone in the wrong side of town on a dark Halloween night. Determined to walk home alone she draws the attention of a shifty looking young man. As he begins to follow her the night takes a turn for the worse.

Behind The Scenes