Tea For Two




Mini Productions and Pork Chop Pictures presents the BAFTA qualifying and award-winning quirky British comedy, Tea For Two.

Written and directed by Mark Brennan (Meat), Tea for Two combines comedy, romance and a mystery twist. The film’s Executive Producers include renowned baker Fiona Cairns (creator of Prince William and Duchess Kate’s royal wedding cake) and James Webber (Driftwood, Soror, The Prey).

The film has a stellar British cast comprising of Amanda Barrie (Carry On Cleo, Bad Girls, Coronation Street) and John Challis (Only Fools and Horses, Doctor Who) who star as the lead couple, supported by William Postlethwaite (The Suspicions of Mr Whicher), Abigail Parmenter (The Longest Night) and James Hamer-Morton (The Fitzroy).

Set in a local Hertfordshire tearoom, the film features an array of of Fiona Cairns’ cakes, plus a bespoke Tea For Two cake which she created specially for the film. Running alongside the short and to support the baking theme, Fiona Cairns has also recorded a special promotional video in which she guides watchers through her process of baking the cake plus a behind-the-scenes interview of her journey thus far. Find out more here.

Tea For Two was released on National Tea Day 2017. It’s being sold by First Focus International and is now available on Amazon Prime, Sofy.tv and Film Shortage.

Time for a cuppa.

“Such a softly toned film with a wonderfully unexpected twist.”Film Shortage

“… a slightly supernatural little rom-com that’s sure to make you feel warm, fuzzy and in need of a cuppa.” - UK Film Review

“Quite simply, Tea For Two is a huge success.” - Forest City Short Film Review

“…beautifully coloured and the music and sound are spot on.” - Endless Realms

“It is sweet and charming without being sickly.” - Carry On Fan

“… a brilliantly executed, quirky and uniquely British short comedy with timely, subtle twists and a retro feel that will leave you wanting more.” - Battle Royale With Cheese

Done To A Tea – Digital Filmmaker Magazine

Our Cup O’ Tea – An Englishman in San Diego 






An ailing grump, Jim and his eccentric but loving wife, Alice anxiously await customers in an idyllic, but very quiet, village teashop. As time ticks deeper into the lunch hour, the elderly couple grows increasingly concerned by the empty chairs and tables they’re desperate to fill. However, when a couple of  unsuspecting customers eventually walk through the door, they find themselves greeted with a far from normal service – and a lot more than a pot of tea and slice of cake gets served.  

Behind The Scenes