The Development Partnership and Mini Productions presents…

“Love is like a Rose, beautiful and calm but willing to draw blood in its defence.” – Mark Overby

A husband & wife living off-grid to conceal a deadly disease; are torn apart when a missing girl stumbles into one of their animal traps. Rose, explores themes associated with codependency and how insecurity can tear even the deepest loves apart. Especially when faced with the horror of keeping your dangerous other half alive.

Based on a real relationship he had with someone suffering from an eating disorder, writer, Matt Stokoe, best known for his role as ‘Alex’ in E4’s BAFTA-winning drama Misfits as well as Jamestown (Sky1), The Village, The Musketeers (BBC), Sense8 and Outlaw King (Netflix) will be playing the lead role of SAM.

Playing opposite Matt in the role of Rose will be Sophie Rundle, a British actress best known for her role as Ada Shelby in Peaky Blinders. Alongside Peaky Blinders she is known for her roles in Sky’s Jamestown, Sally Wainwright’s Happy Valley, An Inspector Calls, Brief Encounters, Episodes, The Bletchley Circle and Dickensian.

Rose will be the debut feature for director, Jennifer Sheridan who, for the last ten years has been honing her storyteller skills through her work as an editor (her most recent credits include Cuckoo and League of Gentleman has now become a multi-award winning director with her shorts films screening across the world in both BAFTA and Oscar qualifying festivals.

Financed by Great Point Media and Field Park Films.

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Sam & Rose have constructed a live together that involves as little interaction with the outside world as possible. Sam sets the traps, grows the vegetables and keeps the generator running. Rose writes and sells enough novels to keep them ticking along.

It might seem unconventional and hard going, but it works…. for now.

Rose is not your average wife, she has a disease that affects her eating habits and ability to go outside. Loving and caring for her the way Sam does, needs careful planning and maintenance. One day, Sam is screwed over by an outside contact who supplies their petrol. Forced to go into the real world, he is waylaid when he decides to exact some revenge for the crime made against him. He returns to a sinister sight, his wife breathing deep rasping breaths, her face and hands covered in grisly blue veins.

Sam knows there’s only one cure for her situation, his own blood…

Rose’s disease is the reason they live like this and it’s slowly tearing their marriage apart. She feels ashamed about the changes the disease has on her appearance and also immense guilt to be the cause of Sam’s difficult, childless life. Sam is determined to keep his wife alive. Despite being covered in scars from all the times he’s had to wrestle with her condition, he won’t ever leave her, no matter how much she begs him.

Then one day a young girl, whose been reported missing, gets caught in one of their animal traps. Sam is now faced with an impossible decision. Does he leave her to die in agony, risking the exposure her anguished yells could bring? Or does he invite this dangerous stranger into the safe world he has created to protect his Rose? Being the caring individual he is, he decides to bring her home, but the repercussions are worse than he ever could’ve imagined.