Lion’s Den


Mini Productions and Pork Chop Pictures presents a comedy with a comment on social media, Lion’s Den.

Written and directed by Mark Brennan (Tea for Two), Lion’s Den makes comedic but relevant observations about how the virtual world of social media can impact the lives of people in the real world.

The film is a short two-hander starring April Kelley (Breaking the Mould, Road Games, Annie Waits) opposite British television veteran Daniel Hill (Only Fools and Horses, Broadchurch, Judge John Deed).

All shot in one room, Lion’s Den explores what can happen when a seemingly harmless joke posted online can be transformed into fuel for moral outrage by millions of strangers – all because sarcasm isn’t a font.

Think it. Post it. Regret it?


Chelsea has just tweeted something really funny. At least she thought it was funny, the rest of the world vehemently disagrees and is letting her know it. In a panic, she bursts into to see her therapist Dr. Cowan to plead her innocence and prove she’s not the vapid person the world thinks she is – or is she?