Mini Productions and Organised Chaos presents the psychological drama Flotsam.

While out for a morning jog alongside London’s Thames River, Vinay makes a grizzly discovery. Haunted by the memory of what he’s seen, he soon realises there are some things you can’t run from.

Written by award winning writing duo Michael Beddoes & Kristina Heaney and starring Sikander MalikĀ (Hollyoaks).

There are some things you can’t run from.


One morning while out for a run along the Thames Path at Greenwich, Vinay Jassal discovers the remains of a young woman wrapped in bin bags on a desolate stretch of beach. Noticing a bulge in the pocket of the girl’s jeans he finds her wallet and ID. With his phone battery flat he dashes to a nearby phone box and frantically calls the police, but by the time he returns to the scene the body has vanished. The only trace of the girl is her wallet which Vinay took with him to the phone box. The investigating officer, DCI Leonard clearly thinks he’s a time-waster and Vinay has no decent explanation for what has apparently taken place. Haunted and increasingly obsessed by the memory of the decomposing corpse, Vinay clings to his usual routines. It’s not until she reappears for a second time only to vanish once again that police take more of an interest. As events become more inexplicable Vinay delves deeper into this mystery girl’s past, and receives a reminder of something he had forced himself to forget. Soon Vinay comes to realise there is a reason he is drawn back to that beach each day – there are some things you can’t run from.