Ernie is a One Man Play, created and performed by Actor and Theatre Maker James Craze.

It tells the true life story of Ernie Hort based on the events told in his unpublished auto-biography.

34 characters, 21 songs and 1 ordinary man carries you through this informative, enlightening and hilarious play.

‘Ernie’ was first performed at Rose Bruford College in April 2013 at the Symposium Festival. Since then, James has gone on to perform at the Solo Festival, Theatre503, The Tristan Bates Theatre, the National Museum of the Royal Navy and the Gilded Balloon venue at the Edinburgh Festival.

★★★★★ “…a beautifully executed one man show.” – Remote Goat

★★★★ “a physical theatre masterclass” – One Stop Arts

“…it is something a little more than a play.” - SW Londonder


“Before I begin, the audience must be warned that I have not climbed any mountains, sailed around the world single handed, nor made any scientific contribution to mankinds knowledge of the universe. I’m just a bloke who lives next door, who’s been around for a long time.”

James takes you on an exciting, fast paced journey through Ernie’s life; being born in 1924 and brought up in the working class society of East London, surviving the Blitz as a teenager, serving in the Navy during World War 2, before returning home, meeting the love of his life, and his struggle to find equal pay to support his family financially.