The wonderful folk at the new and exciting Exit 6 Film Festival asked us to chat about our experiences as producers as well as all things Mini.

We decided to touch on the ambiguous question…

‘What does a producer actually do?’

A question we’re faced with on a regular basis, which we answer differently depending on the current intake of wine:

‘It’s like having a child, from the moment of conception through pregnancy, birth and all the way to when they’re still borrowing money off you in their mid-twenties.’

‘Everything. At least people think we should know everything, plus know everyone’s departments inside out.’

‘We’re problem solvers and team builders. We discover a great idea and make it happen.’

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An all-day short film festival taking place at multiple venues in Basingstoke, connecting artists and audiences.

The very first Exit 6 Film Festival takes place on Saturday 24th September. For more information and tickets click here.

Photo by Rachel King